‘Babylon (Is Fallen)’

Radio Days developed and delivered a programme of workshops in the chapel of Brompton Cemetery, Kensington, between April and July 2018 on the history of the protest song, 1381 (i.e. the Peasants’ Revolt) to the present. We’re following up with […]

Doing the Shimmy Shake (1922)

You might be forgiven for thinking that the photo on the left dates from around 1968 or 1969.  From the Isle of Wight Festival, for example, or from Woodstock or Glastonbury.  In fact it’s a still from a 1922 film […]

London street scenes, 1918

A wonderful serendipitous find!  A certain Guy Jones has a YouTube channel dedicated to very high quality vintage documentary film that has been speed-corrected and to which soundtracks have been added.  The impressive result is as you’ll see below; and […]