“They don’t write songs like this any more”

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A close contemporary–and friend–of Charles Dickens, caricaturist and illustrator George Cruikshank (1792–1878) is also generally credited, in collaboration with his brother Robert Cruikshank (1789–1856), with the compilation of the three-volume songbook The Universal Songster; or, Museum of Mirth.  The title page in fact does not name an editor or compiler, listing the Cruikshank brothers only […]

Music Memory

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María today passed on to me the URL to Music Memory (http://www.musicmemory.org), a US-based project to preserve historical and traditional American and international musical sound recordings for posterity: Music Memory’s mission is to preserve audio recordings for present and future generations. We are continuing the work started by the collectors and researchers in the 1950s and […]