Going to the Pictures … Oh, Mr Porter

Remember the days before ‘video’?  Remember the days when we went not to “the movies” but to “the pictures”?

I love old films.  I can get quite fanatical and nerdy about very early turn-of-the-century cinema; but films of the Thirties and Forties I can just sit back and enjoy.  For comedy, it’s hard to beat, on the other side of the Atlantic, the unparalleled genius of the Marx Brothers; on this side of the Atlantic we had nothing to match them.  (OK, so the Crazy Gang can be amusing, but not quite in the same league.)  But we did have some great comic actors; and among my favourites is Will Hay.

Look out in future weeks for films featuring comedy greats such as George Formby, Arthur Askey, Max Miller, and Frank Randle. In the meanwhile we hope you’ll enjoy our offering for this week, a classic from 1937 featuring Will Hay as the hapless Mr Porter.

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