“Singing the Past to Life”

Our heritage education programme lies at the very core of the Radio Days Vintage Music Project.  Our mission is to stimulate the imagination and interest of people, young and old, in the cultural and social history of the years 1870 to 1939 (and sometime just a little either side) through performance, hands-on research, the co-production of multimedia curriculum-relevant study packs, the establishment of ‘heritage clubs’, and the acquisition of the curatorial skills that will enable the younger participants, as custodians of our future, to assume ownership of our musical heritage within its broader social and cultural context.

Radio Days offers a suite of cross-curricular workshops (History, Music, English Literature … and, yes!, ICT) for the classroom. learningWe will also work in partnership with you in co-developing bespoke projects for secondary education and beyond.

Pupils will find out more about the history of their own community, of Britain, of Europe and of the world, as specified for Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 of the National Curriculum—for example, Social Change in 20th century Britain. (AQA, CCEA, EDEXCEL, OCR Syllabus A, WEJC). We develop a chronological overview that enables students to make connections within and across different periods and societies, in their investigation of Britain’s relationships with the wider world, and relate past events to the present day.

Community-building through inter-generational dialogue is a crucial part of our mission: we firmly believe that our children can not only enjoy listening to, and can be fascinated by, the vivid recollections of their seniors but can also become better citizens through immersing themselves in the childhood memories of their elders.

teabox2We provide music scores and lyric sheets at our school events, working with our hosts to prepare children to sing along with the band.

Special themes

We also offer educational workshops on a number of specialist themes.  Please follow this link for further information about our specialist workshops and learning packs.

If you would like us to bring a learning event to your school or organisation, please complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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