1900-1919 The Edwardians, Music Hall, and the Great War


Prefatory note

Although his reign lasted a mere nine years from his coronation on 22nd January 1901 until his death on 6th May 1910, it is has become a convention among historians to extend the ‘Edwardian Era’ beyond Edward VII’s death to include the years leading up to the Great War. We have taken the further liberty, however, to extend the period through to the end of the war. Our reasons for doing so are very simple: social mores and cultural outlook changed little for ordinary people during the war years.

Rosenberg, C. (1995). 1919 : Britain on the Brink of Revolution. London: Bookmarks Press.

Historical documents

Books and pamphlets published during, or immediately following, the Great War, or classic books in the public domain. This collection also includes books that, though not directly relating to popular music, document the broader social, cultural, political, or military context.


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Women’s Suffrage Movement

Pankhurst, C. (1913). Plain facts About A Great Evil. New York: Sociological Fund of the Medical Review of Reviews. [Archive.org]

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Wheeler, H.F.B. (1915). The Life of Sir John French. London: The Aldine Publishing Co., Ltd. [Archive.org]

Newspapers and journals

The Era

The British Newspaper Archive is a good source of digitised newspapers. [t.b.c.] The Era / The Stage / The Performer

Post-war and contemporary publications

Books and pamphlets published [t.b.c.]

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