Items collected in these ‘Media’ pages (see sub-menus, above, and table of contents, below) … [t.b.c.]

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  1. Recordings
    1. The Challenge
      Collating and cataloguing distributed resources
    2. Online respositories
      A listing of online repositories of audio files
    3. Song lists (by year)
    4. Sample songs (test page only)
      A first stab at envisaging the structure of the digital library
  2. Sheet music
    A scrapbook of collected sheet music
  3. Photographs
    1. Music Hall
      A scrapbook of collected photographs
  4. Posters and leaflets
    A scrapbook of collected posters and leaflets
  5. Newspaper clippings
    A scrapbook of collected newspaper clippings
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Songs on the Western Front
      Record of a song recital in Second Life
  7. Community-contributed content
    Your contributions to the project
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