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[Just a test page for the present … entries are unstructured]

We’ll need to make decisions as to how the library database will be structured (and this may well determine our choice of collection management system).  The graph below captures what is probably the best to date.



Indicative song entry (incomplete)


  1. Title: Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier
  2. Sheet music: [link to entry]
    1. Publisher: t.b.c.
    2. Place of publication
    3. Date of publication: 1915
  3. Show lyrics


  1. Words: Fred W. Leigh (1870-1924) [link to entry]
  2. Music: Kenneth Lyle (music) [link to entry]
  3. Year of composition: 1906/1907?


  1. Recording artist / performer: Vesta Tilly [link to discographical entry]
    1. Real name: Matilda Alice Powles
    2. Born: May 13, 1864
    3. Died: September 16, 1952
    4. Vesta Tilley at Wikipedia


  1. Year of recording / release date: 1915
  2. Record label:
  3. Catalogue number:
  4. Medium: 10″ 78rpm disc
  5. Licence: Public domain

Documentation and notes

  1. Notes
  2. Supplementary documents
  3. Discussion
  4. User-generated content

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