The Challenge

The challenge: the example of Ernie Mayne, My Meatless Day (1917)

My Meatless Day (collage)

Ernie Mayne’s My Meatless Day exemplifies one of the challenges we tackle in this project: the song is referenced in myriad web sites, yet no single site (see above and table below) contains the entirety of the documentation sampled above.


Sample online sources for Ernie Mayne, My Meatless Day (1917)
The song ‘My Meatless Day’ (1917), composed by Robert Patrick Weston and Bert Lee and recorded by Ernie Mayne, exemplifies the problem of information being distributed across a number of different sites, no single site complete.  The song is an important inclusion in a Great War digital music library for a number of reasons amongst which, respectively, the musical, historical, and socio-cultural interest of the song: Ernie Mayne was a popular performer and recording artist, and Weston and Lee were prolific songwriters during this period; the song humorously records and comments the Christmas 1916 food shortage and the call for one ‘meatless day’ each week; and the song lyrics (“the girl was black, with nigger lips, so I shouted, ‘Not for me’“) are revealing of attitudes towards race at that time.
Source URL Year recorded? Composer information? Copyright information? Sound file? Downloadable? Sheet music? Lyrics? Images? Text documentation? User generated content?
Internet Archive Yes No Public Domain MP3, Ogg Vorbis Yes No No No No User reviews Yes No No info MP3 Yes No No No No No Yes Yes No info No N/A No Yes No No No
Oh My Tracks No No No info No N/A No No Yes No No
Digital History (University of Houston) No No Public Domain MP3 Yes No No No No
Doob No No No info No N/A No No Portrait Yes Comments
Fulton History, New York State Digital Library Yes No N/A No N/A No No N Yes No
Windyridge Music Hall CDs No No Copyright of digital recording No (CD only) N/A No No No Minimal No
MudCat Yes No N/A No N/A No Yes No Yes Yes


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