Meeting the application assessment criteria

What is the heritage focus of the project?

The building of a unique comprehensive open-access digital library of popular songs from the Great War period and its immediate aftermath.

What is the need or opportunity that the project is responding to?

No such library, physical or digital, as yet exists. While a great many of the songs may be to varying degrees familiar to people in Britain, perhaps in particular to an older generation, popular music of this period is largely ignored not only by the major memory institutions (museums, libraries, etc) in Britain but also by private sector vintage music radio stations and festivals. We therefore perceive both the opportunity and the need to bring this great era of music back into the public gaze.

Why does the project need to go ahead now and why is Lottery funding required?

It is appropriate that the undertaking of the project coincide with the centenary of the Great War whose popular music the project celebrates and the social significance of the music the project documents. Because a project of this magnitude and complexity would, unfunded, not be able to proceed, HLF funding is essential.

What outcomes will the project achieve?

The outcomes are enumerated in Section 4 of this application document.

Is the project financially realistic?

We believe that our projected budget (Appendix II) is a fair and accurate representation of the staff time, materials, and services we have costed into it, and sufficient to ensure the deliverables described in this document.

Does your project offer value for money?

We believe that in light of the volume of work involved, and the significance for Britain’s heritage of the outcomes, the project offers excellent value for money.

Is the project well planned?

A great deal of preparatory research, thought, and planning has been invested in the drafting of this project document. We are confident that the project is well planned, with respect both to content and to timescale.

What outcomes will the project continue to achieve after it ends?

While we expect to have built a reasonably extensive library of up to 500 items, we are aware that in all there were as many as perhaps 3000 songs produced or performed in Britain during the years 1914 to 1918. Although a great many will not satisfy the primary criteria for selection listed in section 2

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