Only Remembered …

The title of this post is doubly significant today.  It had been one of Maria’s singing students, Brian, whose own rendition of Richard Thompson’s Al Bowlly’s in Heaven had jogged my memory of the song that prompted me to write a recent post.  Brian read and enjoyed my post, and wrote to Maria to share some more of his thoughts and memories, among which of the superb a capella trio of Coope Boyes & Simpson.  Memory being what memory is, this in turn brought back to my own mind the wonderful recording by Coope Boyes & Simpson of Only Remembered penned by Horatius Bonar (1870) with music by Ira Sankey (1891).

I then recalled that this had been used as a soundtrack to a video of a media-rich permanent exhibition by the University of Oxford’s First World War Poetry Digital Archive in the immersive 3D virtual world of Second Life where Radio Days, too, had performed a Christmas concert back in 2014.

So sit back and enjoy this extraordinary a capella arrangement of Only Remembered:

Further references and resources

Coope Boyes & Simpson

No Masters
The northern-based song-writing co-operative formed by John Tams and Jim Boyes (formerly of Swan Arcade) in 1990 “to celebrate and extend those parts of the people’s tradition invariably described as ‘radical’ or ‘political”‘

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive

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