Ready for submission

If you’re browsing the site on the day (yep, 26th March 2014) I publish this first post, I’ve a confession to make: it’s not ready yet!  Still loads of editing to do, in particular of the footnotes/endnotes.  So please bear with me for a day or two.

That said, this web site will document the progress of a project … for which we don’t yet even have the funding! The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund is ready for submission, however, and I expect to submit it tomorrow.

OK, that’s a hurried first post.  Feel free to browse around.  And if you want to say nice things about out project, do get in touch or post comments on these blog pages.

Finally, if you want to contribute digitised World War One home front documents to the project, we will love you forever!  We’re looking for sheet music, photos, news clippings from the era, posters, advertisements, whatever you may have from the years 1914 to 1918 (and a couple of years either side).

All the best,

Christopher Hutchison (project manager)

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