Song of the Week: Norah Blaney, Oh, Mr Porter

I admit it–I’m a huge fan of Marie Lloyd.  A kind of real-life Betty Boop in some ways, she was by far the greatest and most charismatic singer of her era.  A few days ago, Radio Days performed an online concert on “leisure and travel in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras” and, although we included Marie Lloyd’s A Little Of What You Fancy, I should also have loved to have included other of her ‘travel’ songs such as Oh, Mr Porter (1893) and What Did She Know About Railways (1897) with its suggestive lines such as “Thou punch my ticket and I’ll punch thee on the nose”.

There exist (to my knowledge) no recordings of Marie’s rendition of Oh, Mr Porter.  But Norah Blaney has a fair crack at it in this 1937 recording.

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