Songs of the Week: Merle Travis, I’ll See You In My Dreams and Vernon Dalhart, Golden Slippers

Maria and I were randomly talking this evening about ideas for future performances.  And thus it was that I ended up revealing one of my closet passions when I began waxing lyrical about Vernon Dalhart, Bob Wills, Jimmie Rodgers, Merle Travis, Joe Falcon, Ben Light, Hartman’s Heartbreakers, Hank Williams, and a host of other musicians I (sort of) remembered from my childhood years.  I parenthesise ‘sort of’ because, frankly, I have no memory at all of when I first heard the likes of Vernon Dalhart’s Golden Slippers or that unique finger-picking style of Merle Travis; but I am sure it must have been in my pre-teen years that, in the hits of Michael Holliday and in the skiffle of Lonnie Donegan  and others, I heard pale copies of the recordings of the past greats.  So thanks, Michael Holliday, Nancy Whiskey, Burl Ives, and co, for introducing me to this fabulous music.

And, yes, I’d love to do an evening of 1920s American roots music! hillbilly, western swing, bluegrass, jug band, with a dash of zydeco and cajun.

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