Harry Champion, Good Old Yorkshire Pudden


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Harry Champion
Harry Champion


My wife she comes from Yorkshire. Oh, she is a great big lump
The way she puts away the grub it drives me off my chump
She’s a marvel with a knife and fork, at eating she’s a don
Yorkshire pudden is the stuff she’s gone fair barmy on.

Chorus: Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire pudden
It doesn’t matter what I say, she’s shouting for it night and day
Sometimes when I’m warm in bed, she’ll say, ‘Now there’s a good’n
Pass me up some Pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pudden.

When I was Mayor of Hackney Downs I fairly had me fling
Me and Liza had to go to dinner with the King
My wife sat on KIng George’s right and on the strict QT
When he said, ‘What would you like’ she said, ‘Your majesty…

Chorus: Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire pudden
The King said, ‘Tell me Mrs Brown will you try a little brown?’
My old gal said, ‘I don’t mind my appetite’s a good’un
Come on Georgie be a sport and bung along the pudden.

My wife once joined the sufragettes and had a lot to say
They hold their meetings just outside a cookshop down our way
One night they duffed the windows and they grabbed the bacon boiled
My old gal seized all the pud in case it might be spoiled.

Chorus: Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire pudden
They made a raid upon the soup. Drove the shopman up the loop
My old girl seized all the grub, and shouted like a good’n
‘Come on girls,’ and pinched his Pud, pud, pud, pudden.

One night last Winter night, when it was parky as can be
I jumped in bed because my feet were freezing don’t you see
My great big feet touched something at the bottom of the bed
I shouted out, ‘What ever’s that?’ Eliza to me said,

Chorus: Pud, pud, pud, good old Yorkshire pudden
It’s got a bit too sour to eat. I warmed it up to warm your feet
We can’t afford a warming pan and that’ll make a good’un
So get your feet upon me pud, pud, pud, pud, pud, pudden.

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